Lend us your ears and get cured of all your diseases. Just listen to Healer Baskar talk and follow the simple instructions and experience the miraculous healing. There are no medicines, exercises, acupressure, mudras or physio therapy in this method.

There are no food restrictions and there is no need to avoid any food.

You can eat any thing you like.

Once you undergo this treatment it will last life long. There is no need to take this treatment a second time.

This treatment is not based on any religion,every body can take this treatment. All that you have to do is to listen to Healer Baskar talk. He will be talking for about 4 hours. You have to listen fully. Then the treatment is over.

A few basic concepts are explained below:

The contamination of blood is root cause for all diseases.
By cleansing the blood of impurities all diseases be cured.
By regulating the food, drinking water, breathing air, sleep and work or physical activity the blood can be purified.
By regulating the food 50% of the diseases can be cured.
But only by regulating, drinking water, sleep, physical activity, and breathing air, the permanent cure can be maintained.

(Note: Below videos are in Tamil, others pl CLICK HERE)

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